September 2012

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Reconstructive Techniques for Severe Trauma and Decomposition

Thursday, September 13, 2011

2pm Atlantic Time

1pm Eastern Time

12 pm Central Time

11am Mountain Time

10am Pacific Time

With over 15 years experience as an embalmer in both Canada and the United States, Karl Wenzel understands the value of viewing and an open casket.  This is why he has continued to grow in learning some of the most advanced post mortem surgical techniques in an effort to educate Embalmers to aid families with being able to view and say their final goodbyes.

This session includes an innovative look into handling cases of decomposition in the preparation room showing attendees some simple cases from emaciation to edema and effective techniques for restoration. Wenzel will also look into some severe trauma and “how to” complete with reconstruction with ultimate results.

Attendees will gain insight through the eyes of Dr. Bill Bass founder of Tennessee’s infamous “Body farm” on effective handling and understanding the process of human decomposition.

Wenzel will discuss actual cases from all four stages of decomposition and effective techniques that can be used to present an open casket viewing for families.

During this 3 hour session attendees will;

  • Identify complete physical changes the human body goes through after death.
  • Learn some of the most modern techniques and problem solving methods
  • Evaluate proper handling of an autopsy case
  • Learn how to present cases for open casket viewing that are in severe decay.
  • Discover a completely new approach when challenged with severe cases.
  • How to discuss viewing with families

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