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Thursday, September 1, 2011

9am – 4pm Pacific

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TOPIC: Home Funeral Vigils & Green Burials

A Natural Fit for Funeral Service

With an increase in the use of hospice and growing consumer demand for “green” alternatives (including home funerals and green burials), more and more families are asking about a return to in-home end-of-life rituals. How will these consumer demands change funeral service in the future? And what is your role as a funeral director in creating a home funeral vigil, followed by a cremation, green or conventional burial?

Char Barrett is a funeral director who specializes in home funerals vigils and green burials. She will lead you through the practical ways to serve these families, such as:

  • Why home funerals and this market segment matters to your funeral home
  • How home funerals are affecting funeral service, related fields and suppliers
  • Managing in-home family dynamics and your role as funeral director
  • Empowering the family to be as engaged as they choose
  • Special considerations in preparing the body
  • Logistical requirements of a home funeral vigil and green burials
  • Marketing your funeral home to serve these “non-traditional” consumers

You’ll see firsthand examples of home funeral vigils and green burials, and discover how to draw this market segment to your funeral home. You’ll also discover new ways to distinguish yourself within your market and locality.

The objectives of this 6 hour training session are as follows;

  1. Review current and future demographic trends and how the consumer is driving change within funeral service, health care and all matters related to end of life issues. Identify the impact home funerals and green burials are having on funeral service.
  2. Define a home funeral vigil and compare it to conventional funeral practices in the US today. Identify the roles of the funeral director and family members participating in a home funeral vigil. Explain how to guide a family through the whole experience, from the death to the disposition.
  3. Assess whether providing home funerals and green burials are a good fit for your funeral home and/or cemetery, given the culture and staff skill set within your organization. Identify the changing values and expectations of today’s consumer and how these expectations will affect conventional funeral homes, cemeteries, health care providers and suppliers.
  4. Review the steps involved in preparing a body for a home funeral vigil. Assess whether a home funeral is a good choice when considering the manner of death and specific family requirements and needs. Identify the logistical requirements unique to home funeral vigils. Identify the legal and health considerations of a home funeral vigil.
  5. Explore new services funeral homes can offer, including the ability to create a unique market niche and how to generate additional revenue by providing home funerals and green burials

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