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Embalming Challenges for the 21st Century Funeral Service Professional (3 hours: Emb or FD)

Presented by Shun Newbern


Regardless if the family has purchased a casket or have selected direct cremation with a cardboard container; their final viewing should be pleasant and successful for all parties involved. We will examine the various embalming problems that are often seen. The first session, Keys to a Successful Viewing, will remind the attendees of the psychological effects that an open casket has on a grieving heart and how our role in that experience is extraordinary. Too often embalmers minimize the significance of the embalming procedure, and this may lead to rush or delay embalming. The viewing, for many cultures, is the most important aspect of the funeral planning process. If the viewing does not go well, the service will not go well. We will demonstrate basic and more advanced embalming techniques, and discuss the significant impact these procedures have on the family and the viewing process.

During the second session of the presentation entitled “Problems Associated with the Autopsy Case”, we examine issues associated with embalming autopsy decedents. This session will cover a much higher standard of care, and instruct participants how to deal with a variety of challenges related to the embalming process including:

  • Legal functions that carry liability when decedents are not properly embalmed or treated for leakage, odour or shipping.
  • Dealing with Tissue gas, discoloration and early decomposition
  • Restoring natural contour of the face and hands of the decedent.
  • Setting higher standards of performance when communicating with the family
  • Improving service and results associated with embalming.

The third session entitled, Something Old, Something New – Mastery Skills, is designed to elevate the skills of the practitioner in decedent preparation from the feature setting to removing odor. This session will emphasize the basic embalming skills, and reinforce the importance of continued education and expanding the practitioner’s reportage of education resources.


“Keys to a Successful Viewing” participants will:

  •  Explore the value of exceeding the families’ expectations for their first and final viewing of their loved one.
  • Explore the use of methods promoting good future business and continuous viewings.
  • Examine various dressing and cosmetic techniques
  • Discuss the importance of proper lighting in the funeral home or at a church.
  • Gain new insights on proper casket preparation and positioning for the visitation.
  • Analyze Dr. Ronald Steele’s “Three Values of Viewing the Decedent” to help understand why families “feel what they see.”

Maximizing Your Funeral Homes Online Presence (3 hours: FD)

Presented by Robin Heppell, CFSP


Since the adoption of the Internet has well surpassed critical mass and is firmly integrated into our daily way of life, funeral directors need to make sure that the Internet is fully integrated into their marketing and promotional strategies. In the online world, perception is everything. It’s not the oldest, the largest or even the best funeral home that is seen as the top funeral home online – it’s the one that is perceived to be the best who has the best chance for success online. The problem is many funeral directors don’t know where to start – especially since there is so much noise online – it can seem very overwhelming. In this 3 hour program Robin Heppell with walk you through three strategies so that you can maximize your funeral home’s online presence.

Part 1: Maximizing Your Website Traffic And Engagement

  • Timeline of the Online Obituary
  • 3 Step Obituary Promotion
  • Is Your Obit Viral Ready
  • The Power of RSS for Obits
  • How to Make Your Obit Google Friendly

Part 2: Social Media Maximum Effect With Minimum Effort

  • Initial set up of Social Media automation
  • Creating a system for your Social Media activities
  • What tasks are better to be done manually
  • Review of tools that I use: Feedblitz & Hootsuite

Part 3: Fortifying Your Online Reputation

  • What to do if you get a negative online review
  • How to foster positive reviews
  • Bolster Social Media profiles to build a stronger base
  • 4 press releases per year strategy

Robin Heppell has been speaking throughout North America over the last 10 years about the Internet and how it can be used by funeral homes to their advantage.


The objective of this three hour training session is to introduce to Funeral Directors areas where without any extra expense they can maximize engagement with their community with their website and online presence and at the same time building up an online presence and online reputation that will be almost bulletproof to negative comments or scrutiny. Attendees will receive worksheets and checklist to make sure that they can apply the strategies to their funeral home.

Embalming Challenges for the 21st Century Funeral Service Professional – (3 hours)
10:00AM – 10:10AM
Welcome, Introductions & Orientation
10:10AM – 11:00AM
Session 1: Keys to a Successful Viewing
11:00AM – 11:10AM
10:15AM – 11:00AM
Session 2: Problems Associated with the Autopsy Case
11:00AM – 11:30AM
12:10PM – 1:00PM
Session 3: Something Old, Something New – Mastery Skills
Maximizing Your Funeral Home’s Online Presence – (3 hours)
2:00PM to 2:10PM
Welcome, Introductions & Orientation
3:10PM to 3:00PM
Maximizing Your Website Traffic And Engagement
3:00PM – 3:10PM
3:10PM – 4:00PM
Social Media Maximum Effect With Minimum Effort
4:00PM – 4:10PM
4:10PM – 5:00PM
Fortifying Your Online Reputation


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