September 2010 – Funeral Director CEUs

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

9am – 3pm PDT

Growth for Goals: Charting Your Dream:Realizing Your Passions

GROWTH FOR GOALS will teach each one of you a practical step by step strategy. This strategy will establish a career path.

It will help you to achieve your career goals in your personal, academic and career life. You will develop an effective coaching and mentoring methodology that will help you to achieve your mission and your vision in life.

This program will implement a practical strategy and methodology of coaching and mentoring in your place of business. It will direct you to answer the four coaching questions: What is it that I want (What is my mission)? How am I going to achieve it (What is my vision)? What is my time limit? What does it look like when I have achieved my dream? It will allow you to become fully aware of where you are at in your career path. This program will change the way you think and the way you operate. Coaching and mentoring is the key component of moving an organization and its people into a progressive and responsible future. The main objective of this program is to help you establish a crystal clear idea of what you need to do to discover your dream through coaching and mentoring.

The objective of this 6 hour training session is for the attendee to set goals that are reasonable, achievable, and accountable.

After completing the program, the attendee will strategize and record a plan of action for personal, academic and career life.

  • This program will enable you to apply a coaching and mentoring strategy.
  • This program will enable you to discover your mission in life.
  • This program will enable you to develop goals.
  • This program will enable you to answer the four coaching questions.
  • This program will establish an effective development program for you and your place of business.

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Never taken an online seminar before?

Online Seminars include:
Viewing PowerPoint slides and computer demonstrations via the Internet from your personal computer.

Interactive features such as polling (allowing you to respond online to speaker questions) and a simple online “chat” feature that lets you key in your questions for the speaker.

How Do I Participate?

It’s easy! Approximately one week before the event, you will receive an email from the organizers with information about joining the teleconference or web seminar and downloading handouts.

What Are The Minimum Requirements?

All you need to participate is an email address, internet access, and a computer with speakers or if you do not have speakers you can use your telephone to dial into the webinar but long distance charges may apply.

These online seminars integrate audio conferencing and web-based presentations that feature an expert educator in an interactive experience. They run directly in your web browser, allowing you to “gather” together and easily communicate with others no matter your geographic location. Participants can log/dial in from anywhere – work, home or even a hotel room – to attend.

Eligibility for Continuing Education Credits?

To be eligible to receive your Continuing Education Credits, you must register under your own name and have a dedicated computer with an Internet connection, and attend and participate the entire online seminar.

Participation will be measured by 4 criteria:

  • Registration in licensee name
  • On-time arrival for seminar
  • Participation in Online Polls
  • Attendance monitoring*
  • Post seminar survey completion

* Attendance monitoring is part of the GoToWebinar technology that monitors if the participant has the seminar window active, meaning that the participant has not opened other computer programs – such as checking emails, using chat programs, or surfing other websites.

Sharing computers is not permitted as the above criteria cannot be measured.

The following are scenarios that are NOT permitted:

  • Two licensees sharing the same computer
  • One licensee sharing the computer with administration staff or other staff members who need it for tasks for the funeral home

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